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Customer Testimonials

Don’t look for problems / mistakes in Ricardo’s work, because you won’t find any. He never leaves work before his work is 101% completed and correct. Ricardo can also solve most I.T. problems on the PC (network). He’s doing outstanding work on Projects (getting the best prices, placing orders, invoicing, […]

Lizelle Mulder

Ricardo is dedicated, highly skilled and perform his duties with excellent results. His area and Contracts Managers are very satisfied with his performance. He have a vast experience regarding project controls, he is also experienced in IT and assist the project team with their IT problems.

Gerhard van der Merwe

Ricardo is one of the few Contracts Administrators that gets the work done THOROUGHLY, his work attains the highest standards that are set. He is a go getter and with his EXCELLENT IT experience it is a pleasure to work with him. On the lighter side he is a humoristic […]

Wouter Smith